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Although the internet brings a world of knowledge straight to our fingertips, nothing beats talking directly to an expert. That's why we make ourselves accessible, whether by phone, email or social media channel - if you want to talk motion control, we're here to help. We're ready to answer all your questions about everything related to linear guides, slides and rotary motion solutions.

Located in the historic California steel town of Pittsburg, Bishop-Wisecarver is part of the community's rich manufacturing and industrial history. The bustling 85,000-square-foot plant is a far cry from the humble Oakland machine shop where the company's founder Bud Wisecarver got his start in the 1950s. The original plant was built on a defunct WWII military training base, Camp Stoneman. Bud's plant was part of a post-war industrial boom in the San Francisco Bay Area. Decades later, we're still a vital part of the local economy as a firmly established global manufacturer of linear guide wheel technologies.


Corporate Headquarters


2104 Martin Way

Pittsburg, CA 94565-5027

Telephone: 925.439.8272


Linear Motion - United States
For Canada: Ringball Corporation

For Europe: HepcoMotion®

For Mexico:
Stewart McDougall (Regional Sales Manager)

For other countries:
David Walters (Sales Manager - Distribution)
Customer Service (USA)
Customer Service Supervisor Nancy Gaudinier - (Ext. 8207)
Senior Customer Service Representative, Signature Experience Coordinator Debbie Jimenez - (Ext. 8200)
Customer Service Representative Vicki Finney - (Ext. 8234)
Sales Operations Specialist Cerena Goysovich - (Ext. 8205)
General Sales Inquiries
Applications and Technical Support (USA)
Applications Engineer Ben Domingo (espanol) - (Ext. 8245)
Applications Engineer Dan Fletcher - (Ext. 8208)
Field Applications Engineer Brian Buckler - Phone - +925-439-8273
Field Applications Engineer John Paul Metz - Phone - +925-597-5006
Other Contacts (USA)
Federal & Supplier Diversity Liaison Pamela Kan -
Human Resources Bill Maley -